About Achdus Baskets

Dear Neighbor,

Purim is around the corner and Oholei Torah PTA is here once again to lend a helping hand with our popular, ever growing Achdus Baskets Program.

What a better way to join together and show our unity then to send an Achdus basket which benefits all of us and the boys in our yeshiva.

Send a Purim basket to every one of your
friends, family and acquaintances,

Unite with the entire community,

Help our Yeshiva and

Enjoy the convenience of a stress free
Purim celebration. Do the celebrating, we'll do the driving!

Every person or family whose name is submitted to us before Sunday, Bais Adar, February 14 will receive one joint basket. Custom designed by our talented team, our baskets include delectable food items, a keepsake gift that will last long after the goodies are gone and a list of participating senders. The longer the list, the more elaborate the basket.

Choose the “Reciprocate” option and we’ll send a return basket with your name to anyone who has sent you one! (credit cards only)

Select the people you wish to send a basket to, at only $6 per name, and place your order through your preferred method:

To place your order, please choose from one of our convenient methods:

  • ONLINE at www.AchdusBaskets.com
  • PHONE Sarah Popack 718-735-2484            Subie Rubashkin 646-221-3161 (daytime hours)
               Chani Neubort 718-778-4881
               Chani Kaminetzky 646-402-4934 (evening hours)
               Esther Rivka Telsner 718-774-1301 (evening hours)
               Aida Junik 718-953-3197
  • MAIL using the downloadable order form
  • FAX to 718-773-7507
This is the perfect opportunity to show your appreciation to Rabbanim, community doctors and school faculty members. For your convenience we have listed them separately.

Please remember: Final deadline Sunday, Bais Adar, February 14

We thank all our dedicated volunteers for their continuous support of this project.
We also would like to thank Alex Heppenheimer for his time in assisting us with the web site programming.

We look forward to working with you on this project and encourage your active participation. Thank you for your support. All proceeds will be used for enrichment programs at Oholei Torah. Together we can build a better school for our children.

The Achdus Baskets Committee of the Oholei Torah PTA

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